Under the sky 

Under the sky 

You and I

Speak in silence

Our twinkling thoughts 


The offer


​Everyone was but trying to make him stay for one more day, 

But you saved him from his ego my Lord: With the gifts of wisdom and judgement; You saved his life from that poisonous snake.

 Your gifts to human: love and shyness, and his fear of you, Saved him from that inclined lustful offer. 

Though his heart is still half, 

He thanks thou with sincere heart. 

You want him to flow like a river,

 But his heart is confused with your gifted desire. 

He wants to land his boat on the edge; but the still waters of the river tempt him and wouldn’t let him go. 

He searches for a raft, a rock,anything; Still searching- thirsty, helpless and in pain. 

He has but to look and believe, and his struggle will end. 

You are but a thought away; all he has to do is Believe…